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Summit Speakers 2014

briefingBid trends and responses since the crash

Bill Foster, Foster Brandt

 Dot4 Personal skills development

Briefing – Trends & analysis

An overview of factors making a real difference to bid success in 2014.

What really makes a difference to the outcome? This session distils trends based on involvement in 800 bids across all sectors. It will cover developments in areas such as pre-bid activity, library information, content generation, answer plans and feedback.

Bill has worked on proposals, pitches and grant applications for 20 years. He led the development of the BID4 P-C-O-T response model (now used by over 500 bid teams) and last year co-drafted the first UK national occupational standards in bidding and tendering, with the role of making the standards work across all bid types. He has also recently written chapters for the forthcoming APMP Body of Knowledge on proposal planning and content.

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