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Summit Speakers 2014

briefingUsing open data to win bids

Ian Makgill, spendnetwork.com

 Dot2 Procurement, legal and public sector selling

Briefing – UK public sector

How to find and use free information to win more business.

Through publicly available information, it is possible not only to identify where the best public sector opportunities lie, but to understand the buyers’ objectives and how best to engage with them before the tender. By combining procurement data with other open data sets, such as information on staffing and buildings, it becomes easier to target the most profitable opportunities and to qualify opportunities more effectively.

With a background in management consulting and online payments and purchasing systems, Ian Makgill has worked on public sector procurement for over 15 years. Ian started spendnetwork.com in 2013 with the goal of making open spending data more useful to government and suppliers alike.

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