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Summit Speakers 2014

skillsbyteRecapture planning for rebids

Nigel Thacker, Rebidding Solutions

 Dot1 Strategy, capture and management

Skills Byte – Capture planning

Improving your rebid win rate through effective recapture planning.

Although most organisations have capture plans for new bids, most don't apply the same degree of rigour in preparing for rebids. This session will look at the main reasons incumbents lose rebids and what they need do to maximise the prospects of retaining the business. How rebids differ from new bids and what can you do to take advantage of that difference.

You will learn how to develop a recapture plan that you can use immediately and will form the basis of a repeatable process for all your rebids.

The managing director of Rebidding Solutions, Nigel has developed best practice processes in bidding, implementation, contract management and rebidding, training people in 13 countries on putting these processes into action. He has spoken on aspects of rebidding at APMP events in the UK and US.

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