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Summit Speakers 2014

briefingPrice to win: no longer a black art

Alex King, Shipley / Amplio Software

 Dot1 Strategy, capture and management

Briefing - Pricing Strategy

Learn to gather and use competitive intelligence to gauge the price that will enable you to win.

Accurately predicting competitors’ prices may sound far-fetched. Remember, however, that every company is trying to achieve a business case that results in profit at some stage; and bid teams do not have unlimited options to achieve the business case. From these assumptions, we can work backwards to understand how our competitors are likely to price themselves.

Advanced estimating techniques, good competitive intelligence and solid modelling shows that the pricing options available to rivals is narrower than we might think. Thus we be more confident about when we should bid or qualifying out earlier.

Alex has applied PTW techniques in industries including defence, logistics, air traffic management and telecoms, correctly predicting the price to win on bids totalling more than £3.5bn.

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