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Summit Speakers 2014

skillsbyte10 Proven ways to unseat the uncumbent

Kieran Chadha, BrightCarbon

Dot2 Procurement, legal and public sector selling

Skills Byte – PowerPoint competencies

Learn PowerPoint techniques that will transform your presentations and which you can start to use straight away.

Great presentations can make the difference between success and failure yet in many organisations they are an afterthought. Bid teams’ efforts to transplant material from the written submission to their slides produces results that are unsatisfactory and often damaging.

It doesn’t take much knowledge of PowerPoint to change all that. The session will take you through 10 tips you can learn in an hour and use on your next bid. With a few simple tricks, techniques and animations up your sleeve, you can quickly make your slides come to life. Bring your laptop and try them out.

Kieran provides PowerPoint training and presentation skills coaching to a wide range of organisations, enabling speakers to create graphics and animations that grip attention.

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