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Summit Speakers 2014

skillsbyteCreativity on demand

Collen Jolly, 24 Hour Company

 Dot3 Proposal and presentation development

Skills Byte – Creativity & innovation

Infuse creativity into bid teams to create better solutions, clearer strategies and happier clients.

Are you stuck doing the same things over and over again? Do you have trouble coming up with new solutions to motivate yourself, your team or your clients? You’re not alone.

Learn strategies to harness your creative spark and build your creative confidence. Learn how to infuse your team with the energy to produce innovative bid materials and conduct successful, productive meetings. Apply tactics that will enable you to maintain creativity in spite of pressing deadlines and stressful situations. The session will include ‘creativity drills’ designed to shake up thinking patterns and break through common management and team-building barriers.

In addition to managing a global visual communications business, Colleen has spoken at most APMP conferences around the world. She is an APMP Fellow and the CEO of its international board.

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