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Summit Speakers 2014

skillsbyteBeating the pitch presentation paradox

Simon Morton, Eyeful Presentations

 Dot4 Personal skills development

Skills Byte – Presentation skills

Understand why so many pitch presentations undo all the hard work put in during the tender process, and find new ways to address the problem.

Pitch presentations are often the last stage of a process which has already consumed substantial resources. Yet all too often teams fall at the last hurdle - some by simply repeating what they’ve already told the prospect, others by cramming in so much new content the prospect finds it hard to take it all in.

In this session, Simon will explore the reasons behind the pitch presentation paradox and show how thinking differently can end the cycle of disappointment. Simon founded Eyeful Presentations In 2004 and has since then worked with companies all over the world to help helping them get the best from their pitch presentations.

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