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Summit Speakers 2014

briefing10 Proven ways to unseat the incumbent

 Lisa Pafe, Principal Consultant at Lohfeld Consulting Group

 Dot1 Strategy, capture and management

Briefing – Win strategy.   

Tips on how to unseat incumbents and make your bid stand out from theirs.

Incumbents often start the tender process with a number of advantages so winning a bid against them is a challenge. Drawing on lessons learned from real cases, Lisa will cover:


  1. Shaping the opportunity in your favour;
  2. Performing effective SWOT analysis to ghost incumbent/other competitors;
  3. Addressing capabilities gaps;
  4. Overcoming the customer's risk aversion;
  5. Crafting the winning value proposition;
  6. Exploiting "incumbentitis";
  7. Making the business case for change throughout the proposal;
  8. Avoiding the usual win themes;
  9. Conducting effective proposal reviews;
  10. Pricing to win.

Lisa has 25 years’ capture and proposal experience and is a CPP APMP, PMI-certified PMP, LinkedIn Publisher and trained ISO Internal Auditor.

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