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Summit Speakers 2014

Brian Mayne

brian mayne newOctober 23rd 

Brian Mayne Is a global speaker on human potential and author of the world-leading whole-brain achievement system ‘Goal Mapping’.

Explaining eternal truths and principles for success, Brian communicates in simple language sharing his own personal life experience, to inspire and empower people from all walks of life with his systems for success.



Voted ‘Speaker of the Year’ by the Academy of Chief Executives, a UK National Training Awards recipient and author of 4 books in 12 languages, Brian’s start in life was unusual.

Born into a travelling fun-fair family Brian had a nomadic childhood with a limited education leaving school at 13 with no qualifications and barely able to read or write. At age 30 the family amusements business collapsed leaving Brian unemployed, homeless and with a £1,000,000 of debt.

It was at this seemingly bleak period that Brian was introduced to the science of positive thinking and the power of effective goal-setting. Within a year Brian had taught himself to read, started repaying his debt and teaching what he had learnt about goal achievement to others. Now, 20 years later, his inspirational presentations, books and audios are applauded for their simplicity and effectiveness by world leading organisations like, Microsoft, Siemens, Disney and Coca-Cola.

Brian’s work is truly universal, and in addition to empowering the world of Business, his ‘7 Magic Keys’ workshop for Education has reached over 1,000,000 school children in various countries. The Goal Mapping system is used in Sport, Fitness, and Wellbeing now totalling more than 3 million people around the planet and helping Brian move closer than ever before to his long-term goal of helping to lift seven million lives.

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